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Generator Servicing and Maintenance

At Vital Power, we provide bespoke service contracts and maintenance packages to suit your individual needs.

Tailored Service Contracts

Our team of skilled engineers will create a maintenance and diesel generator repair schedule that works for you so you’re always covered in the event of a power failure at your site.

Following a service inspection, a servicing schedule set up by one of our expert engineers will ensure that your generator will be ready to go as and when it is needed. Replacing worn parts and maintaining fuel levels and filters are key to ensuring your generator will be working should you need to use it.

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The User Flow

Step 1

Contact Us

Is your generator in need of a service and maintenance plan? Contact us via the form below or give us a call.

Step 2

Site Survey/ Initial Callout

Our team of highly experienced engineers will visit your site to conduct an initial survey or service.

Step 3

Service & Maintenance Plan Proposed

After the initial, our team will put together a bespoke plan for your generator. This will state how regularly we will service your equipment, what type of service you’ll receive, and any additional services added on top to ensure your equipment is ready to support you at all times.

Step 4

Plan gets activated

Once you’re happy with our proposal, we activate your plan! This means that you can also contact us 24/7/365 with any issues, emergency callouts and generator queries about your critical power equipment.

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What Does Generator Servicing Include?

  • 24 hour cover 365 days a year
  • Fuel and oil checks
  • Cooling system checks
  • Exhaust checks
  • Alternator checks
  • General generator maintenance
  • Recommendations for repairs and replacements
  • All makes and models inc. Atlas Copco, Pramax, John Deere, Kohler SDMO, Cummins, Volve Penta, Perkins, Kubota, Doosan, MTU, ComAp, DEIF, DSE
  • Control panel checks
  • Full service documentation

Why Generator Maintenance is Important

Hopefully, your backup is barely given a second thought, but in the event of a power outage, you need to ensure that your standby is ready and capable to do its job and keep you operational should the worst occur.

Our bespoke generator service packages are designed to ensure that your generator will be able to support you when needed. You can fully customise our cost-effective plans to ensure you are paying for a service that meets your needs.

The cost of maintaining your generator should be minimal compared to if you have a power outage and your generator does not kick in, preventing your site from being operational. Generators are not cheap pieces of equipment to install so ensuring your generator is well-maintained will ensure you get the most from your investment.

Regular servicing will improve the lifespan of your standby generator and provide a longer hassle-free lifespan. Diesel generators are a great efficient and cost-effective solution for your backup power supply but need regular minor service and upkeep tasks completing to ensure they are performing as they should.


  • Save on big repair bills (More cost-effective)
  • Increases generator life span
  • Retains component warranties
  • Helps when it comes to insurance
  • Ensures compliance and safety
  • Reduces hassle

Generator Servicing Tailored to your Needs

Our team will work with you to understand your site requirements and design a generator repair service package to mirror them.

Our experienced maintenance engineers will be able to guide you on what will be the best option for your generator depending on your requirements, whether that be a biannual service or 2 services a year. We offer maintenance schedules weekly, monthly or quarterly if you need more comprehensive coverage.

Offering a range of industrial generators from leading brand names to custom-built, we are sure we will be able to provide you with a regular testing setup to meet your requirements and budget.

A Vital Power engineer will discuss all your options with you and suggest any additional generator service offerings you may benefit from including

Maintaining your Generator

  • Removing or upgrading worn and broken parts
  • Checking and maintaining all fluid levels
  • Testing the battering and connections
  • Load bank testing
  • Changing filters and other consumables pro

Maintenance from Specialist generator engineers

Once you have decided on the best generator maintenance contract for you, our team will always be on hand to advise and guide you with their technical knowledge and support you with preventive maintenance as and when required. We recommend arranging a repair and maintenance check with one of our UK-based generator engineer specialists at least every six months.

We have experience with a range of generator sets and models and can provide maintenance for systems already in place. We also provide diesel generator hire and rental suitable for all businesses and industries.

You can contact us at any time to report a fault or discuss an issue. We are happy to talk to you about any technical queries you have regarding your equipment. The basics of generator mechanics have remained similar for many years and as such our engineers are quick to pick up on what could be going wrong when you report a fault or issue.

Get a servicing and maintenance quote from our critical power specialists.

24 hour call out service

Vital Power operates 24/7 365 days a year throughout the whole of the UK. We understand power issues do not take holidays and our emergency response team is always available to take your call and dispatch a local engineer to your site when needed. We strive to find a solution as soon as possible to get your site back up and running.

24/7 Support

Generator Repairs with Vital Power

At Vital Power we offer nationwide generator repairs for businesses in a variety of industries. Generators require fairly regular servicing and maintenance check ups to ensure everything is working in top condition and ready to kick in when you need it to, but even with regular checkups sometimes repairs can be necessary.

The members of our fully trained team have years of experience working with businesses across multiple industries, so we understand how critical it is to get repairs done quickly and efficiently. We’ll work around your working day to minimise disruption, and can provide working repairs with short turnarounds.

Why Are Generator Repairs Necessary?

As with any piece of electrical or industrial equipment, diesel generators do suffer from wear and tear and can break down over time. Therefore, generators require regular check ups to make sure all parts are working correctly and there are no outstanding repairs.

Because generators work with a diesel tank, there are also potential issues with things like corrosion, rust, burnout and fuel contamination.

Some of the common generator problems and reasons equipment can fail include:

  • Overuse
  • Low fuel levels
  • Contaminated fuel
  • Controller failure
  • Sensor malfunction
  • External fluid hose failure
  • Voltage regulator failure
  • Blocked fuel filter

Because backup and emergency generators aren’t on all the time, it can be easy to miss issues like these until it’s catastrophically late. If you’re on a service contract with us, you also get access to our 24/7, 365 day emergency support line which you can use at any time to report issues with your equipment. Our team work quickly to ensure your equipment is back online and able to support your site in your time of need.

Got a question? We’re always happy to help.

Contact us to learn more about our range of generator services across the UK

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Your engineer was absolutely brilliant - he got the generator working again really quickly and so I have power; he was also really professional and a real asset to your company. I would recommend your company in a heartbeat. Thank you all for helping me out in a time of need. I'm very grateful."

Site Manager

"I would like to say that your company is very customer driven. To offer a service outside your normal scope to fulfil a market need is exceptional and professional. When our new generator requires a service, I will contact Vital Power again"

Maintenance Manager

"I wanted to say a big thank you for the way my generator was installed by one of your engineers. It was done extremely professional and quickly. The engineer projected a tremendous sense of enthusiasm and confidence – and his small-talk is also most interesting to hear. I was left in awe of his complete understanding of the installation requirements. He even management to iron out a difference on the auto start that the manufacturer did not tell him about. A very clean and good working in all respects, he is a tribute to your company"

Site Manager

"Everyone at Vital Power is very professional. I was really impressed with Managing Director, he worked very hard to make sure we were happy and got everything right. The engineers were superb and extremely professional when they came to inspect our cabling requirements. We couldn't be happier with the result and I couldn't fault the work at all. We're really pleased."

Site Manager (BituChem)

"Very happy with the engineer that was on site yesterday to get involved with the power switchover. All went successfully and brilliant result! Thank you."

Maintenance Manager

"Credit to Warren, he's been absolutely unbelievable. To get the generator working in the time that he has is amazing. Great work and thanks again."

Contracts Manager

"I have just received a phone call from the client in regards to the engineer’s visit yesterday. They were very impressed by him, so much so they are thinking of switching all other generators they have over to you. It’s so good to get positive feedback, thanks again for your help"

Contracts Manager

"Your engineers are great, they are keen to help and work proactively to get things done. We were also seriously impressed with Phill Walters getting an emergency hire set to us in just 2-hours from the initial phone call!"

Engineering Manager

Supplier brands we work with

PerkinsKubotaVolvo PentaKohlerDoosan

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