Generator Fuel Quality Testing Services

Having good quality fuel in your diesel generator is incredibly important. Low quality fuel not only lasts a shorter amount of time, but it can damage the engine of your generator, leaving you without a backup power solution and with a hefty bill. That’s why at Vital Power we offer our customers an expert fuel quality testing service, to ensure your fuel tank is running as it should be.

Expert fuel quality testing for your generator

Having a backup generator you can turn to in the event of a power outage or emergency is crucial for any business, and at Vital Power we’re the experts in ensuring your critical power supplies are kept in tiptop condition.

Part of the way we do that is through our Fuel Quality Testing service, which ensures that the equipment at your workplace – from a seldom used standby generator to vital emergency generators – are running at the top of their game. Our team uses a number of processes, including diesel fuel sampling and contamination testing, to gauge the quality and lifecycle of your generator’s tank contents.

We can offer annual, quarterly, monthly or weekly tests to maintain the quality of your generator. Whether you need a one-off fuel condition monitoring assessment, or would like one of our UK power engineers to regularly check, troubleshoot and maintain your site, we can help.

Generator Fuel Quality Testing Services - Vital Power

Why is fuel quality testing necessary?

Keeping on top of your resources and power supplies should be an important part of any site maintenance programme, but it’s a particularly key step to check the chemical quality of your generator’s fuel tank. But why is quality testing for fuel necessary?

To clear contaminants

Over time, the fuel tank of your generator can gather contaminants which ruin the quality of the diesel fuel inside. Things like dirt, dust, debris, microbial growth and even water can all impact the quality and performance of generator fuel. Foreign elements such as water and microbes can clog tank filters and cause the generator to malfunction at crucial moments.

To refresh stagnant fuel

By their nature, standby generators can go quite some time without being used. Over time, diesel fuel can break down – this is because diesel is a refined oil product. As stagnant fuel sits in the tank and breaks down to its unrefined state, solid sediment can gather. Water can become separated from the fuel, and lead to condensation, oxidisation of the tank, and microbial growth. Too much sediment, water or fungal growth can damage generator equipment, corrode tanks, loss of prime or even emergency generator failure.

For more information on our generator fuel quality testing services, get in touch with our UK team.

What happens after a fuel quality test?

In order to prevent these problems and to avoid catastrophic emergency generator failure, it’s important to have a testing and maintenance plan in place. Our quality test team will continually assess your tank’s fuel, making sure any potential issues are nipped in the bud.

If we detect low or poor quality diesel fuel that can be saved, we may recommend our Fuel Polishing service to restore your generator performance. We also offer Fuel Tank Cleaning to keep your generator in top working condition and to prevent any long-term damage or corrosion.

If your generator is struggling for performance, or you think your business is due a fuel quality check, get in touch with our team for a quote and an initial assessment.