Generator Fuel Polishing Services

Keep your diesel generator up and running in top condition with Vital Power’s Fuel Polishing Service. We specialise in maintaining critical power equipment and supplying businesses with UPS (uninterruptible power supply) generator services to keep them powered on. With our fuel polishing service, you can be guaranteed clean, efficient and high-performance fuel that powers your generator whenever you need a boost.

Diesel generator fuel polishing

Vital Power’s fuel polishing system is a cost-effective method for maintaining generator performance, cleansing fuel and guaranteeing long-term efficiency and cost-cutting. Diesel generator fuel polishing is advanced cleaning, that can prevent the build-up of water and contaminants that can impact your generator’s performance and efficiency.

Generator Fuel Polishing Services - Vital Power

What is fuel polishing?

Fuel polishing is the name of the process that removes sediment and contaminants from stored diesel in fuel tanks. During fuel polishing, stored fuel is removed from the generator tank and filtered. Any contaminated or non-useable diesel fuel is then removed, before the cleaned fuel is returned to the tank.

As part of our fuel polishing process, our Vital Power engineers will assess your generator and create a customised maintenance plan. We can set up a fuel test schedule so a member of our team will always be on hand to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime in the tank.

The fuel polishing process begins with the removal of the fuel from the storage tank by our team. The fuel is then carefully filtered for contaminants that build up over time like water, sediment and diesel bugs (a microorganism such as bacteria, yeast and moulds. Clean fuel is then carefully fed back into the tank – any contaminated fuel that couldn’t be cleaned sufficiently will be safely discarded.

Why is fuel polishing necessary?

There are a variety of reasons you may find your generator fuel needs polishing. One of the most common is stagnation – the stored fuel in a backup generator is, naturally, very likely to be sat unused for large periods of time. As it sits, the refined diesel fuel can begin to degrade, or can get contaminated. This can lead to significant loss of performance, affecting generator output and reliability.

We also often find that fuel polishing is required due to outside fuel contaminants, including dirt, dust, water and rust. Other factors such as the build up of sludge inside a storage tank and corrosion of metal parts can also mean generator fuel needs polishing. Fuel that sits stagnant inside a storage tank for long periods of time can actually damage generator parts, potentially leading to systematic failure.

Fuel polishing also guarantees cleaner, more efficient fuel for your generator. Clean fuel lasts longer and burns more efficiently – this means that you will use less and therefore save significantly on fuel costs.

For more information on our fuel polishing services, get in touch with our UK team.
Generator Fuel Polishing and Cleansing Services - Vital Power

Vital Power fuel polishing and cleansing

Because our UK-wide team of specialists are experts in servicing, maintaining and repairing diesel generators, your business really is in the best hands with Vital Power.

Our fuel polishing system process:

  1. Our team will carefully remove the full volume of fuel from your generator’s tank. There is likely, in a tank that has remained undisturbed and unchecked for a significant amount of time, to be a build up of sediment and dirt at the bottom.
  2. After extraction, our engineers use a variety of processes to carefully filter and remove any contaminants from the supply. We look for things like water, diesel bugs, microorganisms, sludge, silt, dirt and rust. We run fuel quality testing to assess the effectiveness and performance of your resource supply.
  3. Whilst the diesel is removed, we offer dedicated fuel tank cleaning for your generator.
  4. We will rigorously test the cleaned fuel, to ensure it meets all relevant industry standards.
  5. After treating, cleaning and returning the clean fuel, we will then carefully and safely dispose of the contaminated excess.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fuel polishing?

Fuel polishing is the process by which the diesel in a storage tank is removed, cleaned and replaced. A good fuel polishing system will filter fuel for contaminants like water sediment, mould, bacteria and dirt. Contaminated fuel can be inefficient and unproductive, and can also cause problems to the generator itself such as clogs, corrosion or total system failure.

Is fuel polishing necessary?

Yes, fuel polishing is required to ensure fuel is kept in good working order. Fuel polishing is particularly necessary for standby generators, which stand without being used for long periods of time. Without a regular fuel polishing system, sludge and other build up can gather at the bottom of storage tanks, causing potential technical issues with the generator over time.

How often should diesel fuel be polished

How often fuel needs polishing will depend on a number of factors, including the type of storage tank, generator size, fuel quality, outside environment and amount of use. As a general rule, fuel should be polished at least every three years. At Vital Power, our team will assess your generator and fuel supply, to draw up a completely personalised polishing plan. We’ll set up a schedule for generator cleaning and fuel polishing, taking all the hassle out of generator maintenance.

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