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Planning Permission for Diesel Generators

Having a diesel generator as a source of backup power is a no-brainer for many businesses, and the benefits speak for themselves. While deciding on getting a standby generator is simple, one thing many businesses overlook is considering planning permission. Within inner-city or urban environments particularly, that planning permission is often required.

So that you can gain a better understanding of whether or not you need planning permission for your generator, the team at Vital Power has created this guide on all you need to know about planning permission for diesel generators.

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Planning Permission for Diesel Generators - Vital Power

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Factors that influence planning permission for generators

The size of the generator

Every generator is different in terms of power and capabilities, which is also a reflection on the overall size. As a result, some generators can be much larger than others, which is why larger generators may require planning permission from the local authorities.

For example, huge industrial generators that power factories and data centres are, obviously, likely to be bigger in size than a backup generator for a small office, and can take up much more space.

Generator noise levels

Every council has its own regulations regarding noise control, so it’s important to check your local rules before choosing a generator. Your unit must be under the regulatory standards in order to not require permission.

You’ll need to consider both operational and idle noise levels, too. If noise is a particular concern, you might want to consider silent generators.

Local air quality levels

Air quality is a vital consideration for generator installation. Especially with old or dirty generators, there may be an increase in smoke or fumes produced which will impact the local air quality significantly.

As a result, planning permission may be required to which the local authorities will take a look at the environmental factors that are affected because of the generator. At Vital Power we stock a variety of cutting-edge and leading names in manufacturing, so can advise on the most economical and efficient option.

When do I need planning permission for a generator?

Generators for conservation areas

So that designated conservation areas are protected adequately, most diesel generators require planning permission. This is to guarantee that the current architecture, structural buildings and more are all protected from being demolished or damaged in any capacity through due to the installation or running of the generator.

Generators for listed buildings

Similarly to conversation areas, if you are interested in installing a generator in or around a listed building you will need to check with the local authorities about the planning permission.

This is because once recognised as ‘listed’, buildings have been assigned as historic and should remain untouched and preserved from alterations that will alter its historic nature.

Generators for city centres

Due to the wealth of environmental factors that often come into consideration when looking at diesel generators, most generators that are installed within urban landscapes such as cities require planning permission.

It’s also worth noting that the overall installation process of the generator within the city is often more challenging than for other environments, which is why planning permission is also important.

When planning permission is not required for generator installation

Residential generators

If you are interested in installing a standby diesel generator for your home, then you will be pleased to hear that you shouldn’t necessarily need planning permission.

This is because you are not directly altering your home’s structure outside of your property bounds, though it may be worth advising the council about your intentions ahead of time to avoid any issues if they do arise.

Generator schemes

As part of a slate of schemes designed to improve quality of living and infrastructure in the UK, there is an ongoing programme for the installation of standby generators across the country. As a result, many of these projects won’t necessarily require planning permission as they are all designed for that specific purpose.

Generators for new builds

Especially for large development schemes such as housing or offices, the council may already have pre-approved the installation of these generators as part of the initial design and initial planning phase.

So, do you need generator planning permission?

Ultimately, the need for planning permission depends on all of the above factors and more. Before you consider purchasing a generator, you should always seek to speak to the local authorities so that they can give you in-depth information about their specific regulations so that you can purchase and install a standby generator that is within their standards and safe to operate.

Vital Power’s specialists can offer comprehensive advice and surveys so you have all the information and can make the best choice for you.

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