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Automatic Transfer Switches – Diesel Generators

Automatic transfer switches (ATS) for diesel generators help transfer the load between the generator supply and the mains supply. Using automatic transfer switches means power is transferred without the need for any manual intervention, and can make your standby generator system or Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system more resilient and easy to use.

Learn more about what an automatic transfer switch is, how to use them and what their benefits are below.

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What is an automatic transfer switch?

In the world of generators and power supply, an automatic transfer switch is a device that controls the power supply. ATS equipment can be described as ‘self-acting’, as it detects the flow of power without the need for any intervention or input from a user.

The transfer switch automatically moves the power supply from the primary source (i.e. the grid mains supply of electricity) to the backup supply (i.e. your backup generator). You can also use an automatic transfer switch to move the supply between multiple generators.

Environmental Impact of Diesel Generators

How do automatic transfer switches work?

The automatic transfer switch contains technology that monitors and tracks the power supply. It has a set limit, and kicks in when the voltage drops too low. Similarly, when the voltage returns to normal limits, the switch will transfer the supply back from your backup system to the mains grid, automatically.

Automatic transfer switches are equipped with a countdown timer, that begins working when the change in voltage is first detected. This means that there won’t be any unnecessary switching for just a temporary or significantly minor outage. As a result, you won’t find your generator draining or being used unnecessarily.

Benefits of using an automatic transfer switch


Once you’ve got the switch set up and configured with your mains supply and generator, it’s up and running. This is particularly useful for larger businesses or locations where the generator supply and equipment isn’t within easy reach.

Continuous power supply

With an automatic transfer switch, you don’t need to worry about total downtime at your business. Without a self-acting switch, you’d need to manually start up your diesel generator in the event of a power cut or outage, and wait for it to start up. This way, the switch automatically detects when the voltage goes outside its normal range, and starts up your backup power system.


In a business setting, having a switch to detect power ranges and voltage of the supply can offer a level of safety. The automatic transfer switch means you or a member of your team won’t have to manually intervene in the event of a problem with the power supply.

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"Everyone at Vital Power is very professional. I was really impressed with Managing Director, he worked very hard to make sure we were happy and got everything right. The engineers were superb and extremely professional when they came to inspect our cabling requirements. We couldn't be happier with the result and I couldn't fault the work at all. We're really pleased."

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"Very happy with the engineer that was on site yesterday to get involved with the power switchover. All went successfully and brilliant result! Thank you."

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"I have just received a phone call from the client in regards to the engineer’s visit yesterday. They were very impressed by him, so much so they are thinking of switching all other generators they have over to you. It’s so good to get positive feedback, thanks again for your help"

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"Your engineers are great, they are keen to help and work proactively to get things done. We were also seriously impressed with Phill Walters getting an emergency hire set to us in just 2-hours from the initial phone call!"

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