Backup Generators for Hospitals

Having a reliable source of backup power is essential for hospitals. In the event of a power outage, everything from loss of communication amongst staff to life support systems powering down can be dangerous, life threatening and even fatal. While we can’t always predict when the mains power will fail – due to damage, power surges or adverse weather – we can guarantee you’ll be able to rely on your Vital Power standby generator.

We specialise in critical power systems for businesses and facilities right across the UK. We operate a full-service generator power offering, providing regular and scheduled maintenance to your diesel generator.

Hospital generators are a key service for us at Vital Power, and we offer rapid response time for any service or emergency work you may need, from our nationwide operational hubs. We know that time is of the essence when it comes to any medical work, and we offer 24/7, 365 support to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Hospital backup generators

In the event of a mains power outage or issue with the electrical system, having a reliable backup power supply can be crucial for hospitals and medical centres to maintain power for life support machines and more.

At Vital Power we have experience supplying standby diesel generators and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems to hospitals, surgeries, clinics and medical centres. We stock a range of generators and UPS systems from the leading manufacturers to ensure the correct fuel tank capacity and electrical output to maintain power to all the machines, lights and devices in the hospital.

For customers searching ‘hospital generators near me’, Vital Power operates across the UK from nationwide operational hubs, so we can promise swift response time.

How do hospital backup generators work?

In the event of a mains failure, standby generators kick in to support the full load of your site.

Using automatic transfer switches, they can be set up to automatically kick in when an outage is detected. For hospitals this is particularly vital, for maintaining power to life support systems, operating rooms and A&E departments.

As hospitals are non-commercial, red diesel can be used to power your generator, making it an accessible and affordable option of supplying standby power to your site.

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Generator services for hospitals

Making sure the hospital generator is ready to kick into action when it’s needed is crucial. Things like checking the amount of fuel in the tank, monitoring condition and testing fuel for contamination can all contribute to the longevity of your generator and the quality of power output.

We offer a range of turnkey generator services and can offer priority response time to hospitals and medical customers across the UK. As part of our service & maintenance plans, we also offer load bank testing, building load tests, and more to ensure your generator is able to support your site when required. We also specialise in fuel services to ensure your diesel fuel is performing at its best, and can visit your site for refuelling and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a hospital backup generator necessary?

In many industries, having a source of standby power is necessary in case there’s a mains outage. For hospitals, accident and emergency centres and other medical facilities, backup power is particularly crucial. In the event of a power cut, a a standby generator, used in conjunction with a UPS system, means there’s no disruption of electricity, so things like life support machines, surgical devices and more don’t lose power.

Which generator is best for hospitals?

For hospitals, a diesel generator is a reliable and economical choice. Diesel generators are efficient and economical to run. Hospital diesel generators can be powered by red diesel. Studies have found that diesel generators are largely more efficient than petrol generators thanks to lower fuel consumption and higher levels of performance.

Our team of experts would be happy to walk you through the best hospital generator choices.

What size generator does a hospital need?

In order to calculate what size generator you need, you’ll need an accurate report of the wattage of all the devices needing backup power. For example in a hospital this may include all life support machines, lights, heating, computer systems, surgical tools, medical machines and refrigerators. Once the total required power output is known in kilowatts (kW), it will be converted to kilovolt ampere (kVa), which is how generators are measured. Our highly skilled engineers will the conduct a site visit to help find the right size hospital generator.

If you’d like expert advice or recommendations on the best backup generators for you, our team are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us via our enquiry form, email or 24-hour support line.