Industrial Generators

Having an industrial generator on hand should be a crucial part of any organisation’s strategy. Having a reliable diesel generator you can depend on can be the difference between a successful day of trading and shutting down due to power outage.

At Vital Power we have helped countless businesses with backup generators, providing high quality industrial generators from leading brands. We have worked with a range of industrial sectors to add an additional power supply to their site. We stock a wide range of generators – both single phase and three-phase diesel – ranging from 7kVA to 3 MVA.

Our industry-leading customer care includes nationwide hubs, a range of turnkey services to maintain your industrial generator, and round the clock customer care. We’re proud of our ability to service any UK business’s prime and standby power requirements, with options to suit many budgets, industries, business types and sites.

Our industrial generator services include initial sales and generator hire, installation at your site and a variety of service and maintenance options. We offer a range of major and minor service options, and fuel services such as scheduled fuel quality testing, refuelling, tank cleaning and more. The Vital Power team of engineers and specialists has years of experience and can handle any query swiftly and effectively. We’ll work hand in hand with you from initial consultation through to long-term maintenance and installation, for a truly hassle-free experience.

Why choose an industrial generator?

Diesel generators are growing in popularity, particularly for their multiple efficient power applications in industrial settings. Industrial diesel generators can be a business-saving lifeline to rely on in the instance of a mains outage. So, why should your business consider an industrial generator as part of your critical power solution?

Power outage contingency plans

Power is vital for virtually every business. You need it for business critical functions like running data centres and connecting to the internet, as well as general vital services like heating and light for your staff, contractors and customers.

Boosting your power options with a standby power generator to supplement your mainline supply can be crucial. In the event of a mains outage, technical issues or inclement weather, you can turn to your generator to power your business and keep things running. This can prevent things like loss of supplies, wasted work and significant delays to your processes. Having power can also be crucial for complying with industry standards, and is important for keeping your staff and customers safe.

Efficient running costs

At Vital Power we are one of the UK’s leading critical power supply and diesel generator suppliers. In many cases, diesel fuel generators can run on a cost per KW of energy of 50% lower than an equivalent petrol set up. Our range of generators are designed with an efficient compression system, which means they use up less fuel while running, too.

Of course, you’ll also likely save on potential losses from waste, downtime and emergency closures if you can connect to a generator. Rather than wait for mainline power to be reinstated after an outage, you can get ahead of your competitors and be back up and running with our generators’ instant power.

Reliable source of power

Obviously, having a standby source for electricity means you’ll have more reliability at work – and less stress too! However, diesel generators are a reliable power source in their own right. Because they don’t rely on electrical ignition, they benefit from less downtime and the elimination of possible ignition failure.

The diesel generators we supply at Vital Power also operate at a quieter noise level than electric counterparts. This can be particularly key for industrial sites where the generator will need to be close to an office or shop. Diesel generators are also cheaper to run and require less maintenance, meaning you can rely on the power without worrying about the extras.

Diesel Industrial Generators - Vital Power

How to choose the right industrial generator

When picking out the right backup power source for your business, there are obviously a number of important things to think about – from the type of control system to where you’ll put it. To make sure you’ve got the right choice for your team, requirements and location, give the Vital Power team a quick call to discuss your options.

Just some of the things you need to consider when choosing your generator include…

  • Location – where will your generator need to go on your site. Think about proximity to workspace (for noise level), as well as power connectivity.
  • Capacity – you’ll need to tally up everything that will likely need to be powered by the generator in use. This includes wattage, run time and function.
  • Run time – for your generator, consider how long you’ll probably need it to be in use. While we appreciate this might be a variable, having an estimate can be really helpful.
  • Physical size – we stock a range of generator sizes and bulk fuel tank sizes to suit any space. However, you’ll need to consider placement and access right from the start.

Find out more about how generators work on our blog.

Get in touch with our UK-wide team to discuss your industrial generator options.
Diesel Industrial Generators - Vital Power

Could your business benefit from an industrial generator?

There are countless possible use cases for generators in the workplace. At Vital Power we’re a UK leading UPS (uninterrupted power supply) specialist, and we’ve worked with lots of organisations across the country.

Some of the industries where generators are recommended include…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an industrial generator used for?

Industrial generators are a standby power source that can be activated instantly. Businesses use them in power cuts and mainline electrical outages. Having a backup generator can save revenue which would otherwise be lost in downtime.

Can I use red diesel in an industrial generator?

Red diesel is a popular and efficient choice for fuelling diesel generators. It’s easy to access, available nationwide and cost effective.

What size industrial generator do I need?

As well as factoring in total capacity and power load, you’ll need to work out the output required Start by counting all the equipment that will be powered by the generator. Combine the total wattage to work out the electrical output in kilowatts (kW). You’ll then need to convert this into kilo-volt-amperes (kVa) which is how generators are categorised. To get this conversion, you’ll need to divide the total kW by the power factor of your electrical system.

For industrial systems it’s particularly important to get this complicated equation right. That’s why we offer a wide range of leading brands and our total generator services. Our team will show you the best size options for your business.

If you’d like expert advice or recommendations on the best industrial generators for you, our team are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us via our enquiry form, email or 24-hour support line.