Diesel Generator Control Systems

Generator Control Systems

At Vital Power we are specialists in diesel generators and all the services – technical and fuel-related – that come with them.

Whatever requirements you have, we can offer a selection of generator control panels to suit your needs. We stock a full range of leading suppliers and have years of experience working with businesses in all industries. We also offer custom generators for more bespoke design, and can help create the ideal setup to power your electrical load.

What is a generator control system?

The generator control system (also sometimes called control panels) is essentially the hub of your generator system. The control system will display a number of details, data points and information sets about your generator. Some of the typical information shown on a generator control panel will include voltage, frequency and current.

Depending on the system type, it may have a display screen, meters or gauges to display the current levels. Equally, depending on the size of generator system in place, the control panel itself may be detached from the unit as a standalone device.

Generator control systems can help with things like diagnostics, service level reminders and current status. It’s important to remember that while your team at Vital Power can assist with routine management, repairs and more, it’s crucial to keep a regular check on the generator status throughout the year.

Diesel Generators Control Systems - Vital Power

How does a generator control panel work?

Generator control panels are powered by a micro-processor, which monitors and assesses any processes from within the generator itself. For example, a temperature meter or gauge will monitor the internal temperature of the generator; when a pre-set level is reached, the generator will automatically power off to stop any damage from overheating.

Similarly, if combined with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), the generator will automatically detect a power outage and start up to ensure no significant downtime for your systems.

The buttons, gauges and dials on control panels are typically grouped together for different functions. This not only makes it easy to operate and follow routines, but limits the chance of an engineer or colleague pressing the wrong button. At Vital Power we can help with all maintenance of your generator and control panel, and can also help with any questions about the system itself.

Automatic Mains Failure and Automatic Transfer Switch Installation Services

We are also industry experts for the design, manufacture and installation of Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) panels – also referred to as Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS). Find out more about the difference between AMF and ATS panels on our blog.

The use of an AMF panel allows the automatic switch over to running on generator in the event of a mains outage on site; by doing this automatically the down time on site is massively reduced as there is no need for any human interaction with the backup power system. Upon the mains feed being restored our bespoke built panels will automatically facilitate a safe return back on to mains whilst allowing the generator a suitable cooling run.

For more information on our diesel generator control systems, get in touch with our UK team.
Diesel Generator Control Systems - Vital Power

Specialist Generator Control System Engineers

At Vital Power our team of engineers and specialists has a wealth of experience when it comes to diesel generator control panel upgrades or modifications. Our engineers are all OEM trained on Deep Sea Electronics, ComAp and DEIF systems.

We specialise in the synchronisation of generator sets; this can be synchronisation of multiple diesel generators to allow more redundancy on-site, or synchronisation of existing equipment back to the UK power grid – this service includes G59 equipment installation, commissioning and testing.

If your business has a requirement for a new generator control panel then we can help. This could be replacement of an old or damaged panel or the upgrade of an existing panel to include additional features such as full remote monitoring.

If you’d like expert advice or recommendations on the best diesel generator control systems for you, our team are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us via our enquiry form, email or 24-hour support line.