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What Size Generator Do I Need for Outdoor Events?

Many different outdoor events require a generator for reliable power support. From weddings to music festivals to sports or business events. Outdoor events can come in all different shapes and sizes, each will come with its requirements for power.

Whether you are looking at power for a public or private event, we can help you decide what size generator you need.

When you are looking for a generator for an outdoor event, we would always recommend speaking to a professional who has experience in factors that will affect the size of the generator you will need or the range you need to consider.

However, to be prepared there are things you can consider to make the best choice.

If you are planning an outdoor event, make a list of all the equipment at the event that will require power. From lighting and heating to speakers and even EV chargers. This will give you a good idea of how much power you will need to provide for all the sources that need it.

It is also a good idea to look at the wattage of these items and add them all together. This will help any professional that you are hiring or buying a generator from to provide you with the best equipment.

The end goal is to ensure you have suitably more power than needed to power your whole event. The last thing you need is a power cut in the middle of a field!

The total running amps for equipment that requires power can be found on small tags on any electrical equipment.

We would advise always adding a safety net to the amount of around 30%, this will ensure that even if you go over you will still have enough power to play with.

From the total amount of amps needed for all of the equipment, we can then work out the voltage.

For example, 100amps x 240 voltage = 24000 watts.

We can then divide the number of watts by 1000 to find the kilowatts. Which would in this example be 24 KW. This would indicate that you would need no less than a 24kw generator for your outdoor event.

If there isn’t an exact KW option for your needs, we would always advise you to go for the higher option instead of risking a lower KW.

Powering Outdoor Events

Outdoor events often rely on generators to ensure a consistent and reliable power supply, especially in locations where access to traditional power sources may be limited or unavailable. Here are some examples of outdoor events that typically require generators:

Music Festivals: Large-scale music festivals held in open fields or remote locations often require generators to power stages, sound systems, lighting rigs, and other essential equipment. Generators provide the necessary electrical infrastructure to create immersive and unforgettable experiences for festival-goers.

Outdoor Weddings: Many outdoor weddings take place in picturesque settings such as gardens, parks, or rural areas where electrical outlets may not be readily accessible. Generators are essential for powering sound systems, lighting arrangements, catering equipment, and other amenities to ensure a seamless and memorable celebration.

Sporting Events: From marathons and cycling races to outdoor sports tournaments, sporting events often require generators to supply power for timing systems, scoreboards, communication equipment, and temporary facilities like medical tents and refreshment stands. Generators help organisers manage the logistical demands of these events efficiently.

Corporate Events: Outdoor corporate events such as product launches, conferences, and team-building retreats often take place in remote or unconventional locations where access to mains electricity may be limited. Generators provide the necessary power for audiovisual presentations, lighting setups, climate control systems, and other event essentials.

Outdoor Markets and Fairs: Outdoor markets, food festivals, and craft fairs held in public squares, parks, or rural areas often require generators to power stalls, food trucks, entertainment stages, and other attractions. Generators enable vendors and organisers to create vibrant and engaging experiences for attendees.

Film and TV Productions: On-location film shoots and television productions often take place in remote or off-grid locations where access to mains power is impractical. Generators are indispensable for providing the electricity needed to operate cameras, lighting equipment, sound recording devices, and other production gear, ensuring that filming proceeds smoothly.

Hiring a Generator

Hiring a Generator

We offer an expansive fleet of hire generators, readily available for dispatch throughout the UK. Our selection ranges from 20kVA to 2 MVA (2000kVA), including industry-leading machines suitable for every need.

Whether you require a compact generator for an upcoming event or a robust industrial unit to support large-scale operations during critical periods, we have the perfect solution within our generator rental services.

With our industry-leading rental fleet, we ensure that no project is beyond your reach.

Safely Using a Generator at Your Event

Outdoor Generator Hire

Using a generator at your event involves more than just renting one and hoping it supplies sufficient power throughout the day. It’s important to set it up in a secure location and ensure all electrical cables are installed safely and correctly. Generator fuel, often diesel, is highly flammable, needs careful handling and the fuel tank and main generator must be positioned outdoors due to their inherent danger.

Generators, in general, should be situated away from areas where people congregate. Hence, thorough research into the appropriate generator size for your event is essential. Your event venue must offer adequate space for generator placement, and excessive noise from the unit may become noticeable if positioned too close.

Consider an outdoor wedding held in a marquee as an example. Here, placing the generator outside reduces the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shocks, and other hazards. Failure to adhere to safety protocols may result in bodily harm or disruptions caused by cable disturbances, leading to power outages. Such incidents not only distress guests but also increase the likelihood of further accidents.

Effective safety measures can only be implemented after careful planning and assessing the required wattage level. While mobile generators are suitable for smaller or more intimate gatherings, the risk of power outages must still be considered. Hiring an experienced team ensures that you select the right generator for your special event, providing peace of mind throughout the occasion.

If you are looking for a generator for your next outdoor event contact our team today!

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