Diesel Generator Sales

Power is important. For work, for business, for life – that’s why it’s so vital to have a reliable, trustworthy backup power source you can rely on. Should your main power supply let you down – whether it’s a grid fail or a power cut – it’ll be your standby generator that picks up the slack and keeps your business running.

At Vital Power, we understand the importance of a reliable backup power system, whatever your business or industry. That’s why we sell a comprehensive range of single and three-phase diesel generators, ranging from 7kVA up to 3 MVA. We’re proud to offer industry-leading customer service and sell a wide range of only the highest quality diesel generators that are suitable for all prime and standby power requirements. It’s our way of ensuring power supply to your site and maintaining your business operations is never something you have to worry about.

At Vital Power we offer a full turnkey solution that includes generator supply & sale, generator hire, installation and commissioning, all control and fuel systems and ongoing service and maintenance packages. Our team of dedicated specialists and experienced engineers will work closely with you at all stages of the project to ensure a seamless process. Your Vital Power project will move from initial concept to equipment installation and commissioning, through to the ongoing service and maintenance of your standby diesel generators.

Why choose a diesel generator?

Diesel generators are renowned for being a cost effective and reliable source of backup power. Diesel generators are an increasingly popular choice for businesses who need a source of standby power they can rely on in the event of a mainline power outage. So what are the benefits of a diesel generator?

Maximum efficiency

Modern diesel generators are quieter, easier to maintain and cheaper to run than petrol alternatives. Today’s technology makes diesel the most efficient choice for generator power.

Cut down costs

On average, the cost per kW can be up to around 50% lower than with a standard petrol setup. What’s more, because the diesel compression system is so efficient, it uses less energy to run.

Straightforward power

By removing the electrical ignition component of a petrol engine, diesel generators cut out downtime and eliminate multiple potential ignition issues.

Long lasting reliability

Diesel generators are significantly longer lasting than other alternatives thanks to a lower core operating temperature, easy maintenance and a lower reliability on routine servicing.

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How do diesel generators work?

Obviously diesel engines rely on a different type of fuel than petrol engines, but what else differentiates them? Diesel generators run on compression alone, whereas petrol generators and engines rely on a spark of electricity.

Because the air in diesel generators is compressed to such a degree the temperature internally continues to rise until fuel is injected to ignite. As such, diesel generators are typically much more efficient to run, but can cost more due to the technical engineering required to make such a finely tuned piece of equipment.

Find out more about how generators work on our blog.

Our range of diesel generators

At Vital Power we offer a comprehensive range of bespoke diesel generators that are tailored to your individual requirements. Our generators are made with a choice of industry renowned engine brands, including Kubota, Perkins, Cummins, John Deere, Doosan, Volvo, Scania and MTU. Whatever your power requirement is, we have a high quality, dependable product that can deliver it in a reliable and efficient manner.

All of our diesel generators are specified for your exact requirement and come as standard with industry leading control systems, bunded integral fuel tanks, engine heaters and battery chargers. Depending on the required application they will either be supplied in weather proof acoustic canopies or as skid mounted ‘open’ sets (if being housed indoors). We also offer a full range of additional options for generator extras such as remote monitoring facilities and extended run fuel tanks. At the start of your generator project, our team will discuss any potential addons or upgrades that can enhance your standby power unit.

For more information on our diesel generators, get in touch with our UK team.
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How to choose a diesel generator

There are number of factors to consider when choosing a generator. We recommend giving our team a call to discuss your usage and talk through some recommended models. Some of the factors that go into choosing a generator include…

  • Bulk tank capacity
  • Placement – where will the generator be located?
  • Run-time
  • Total power capacity
  • Control system type
  • Physical generator size

How to service a diesel generator

It is absolutely crucial to keep on top of generator service and maintenance. In case of power outage, power cut or mains failure, you need to know that your generator is ready to spring into action when you need it. That means the fuel needs to be efficient, performance needs to be high, and all repairs need to be complete.

As a general rule, it’s recommended to have your diesel generator serviced at least twice a year or every 250-500hrs, but this is all dependent on your specific usage. If it’s been used more frequently or you’ve had previous repair work, our team may recommend more frequent checks to make sure everything is running as it should.

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We offer a complete service package for diesel generators that takes all the stress out of maintenance. Some of our turnkey services include…

Generator major and minor servicing

Completely tailored to your generator, site and requirements, our engineers can visit your site as often as needed. Our major and minor services both include over 100 individual checks to ensure every part of the generator is working in top condition.

Learn more about our Service and Maintenance plans.

Load bank testing

We will rigorously test your generator system to ensure the load of everything you need to power can be maintained. We have a fleet of load banks so no project is out of scope.

Learn more about our Load Bank Testing service.

Generator refuelling

We are able to refill and refuel your generator while it is running, ensuring no loss of service or potential outage. Our team can arrange a regular schedule so we keep on top of fuel levels at your site.

Learn more about our Generator Refuelling service.

Fuel quality testing

It’s really important to have high quality, non-contaminated fuel in your generator storage tank. Our engineers can test and assess your diesel to make sure you’re running at top capacity.

Learn more about Vital Power’s Fuel Quality Testing service.

Fuel polishing

If we detect the presence of contaminants (such as diesel bugs, water, rust or sludge) in your fuel, we can polish the fuel to filter any harmful substances out.

Learn more about our Fuel Polishing service.

Fuel tank cleaning

As well as keeping the actual diesel clean, we will perform a scheduled clean of the generator fuel tank itself, to remove any rust and to prevent damage to parts.

Learn more about Vital Power’s Fuel Tank Cleaning service.

Service and maintenance

From fixing loose pipes and repairing faulty control systems to cleaning your generator and ensuring reliability is at a maximum, we specialise in total generator servicing.

Learn more about our Generator Service and Maintenance plans.

For more information on our diesel generators, get in touch with our UK team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a diesel generator?

Diesel generators are efficient, reliable and cost-effective to run, and make a great option for businesses in a variety of industries and sectors.

Are diesel generators better than petrol generators?

Studies have shown that diesel generators are more efficient than their petrol counterparts because they reach higher levels of performance while burning and using less fuel. Diesel generator engines and parts are also generally cheaper to acquire, and since diesel generators have a more stable temperature control, they often last longer and need less maintenance.

What size diesel generator do I need?

To calculate the size of generator you need, tally up all the equipment, devices and items that the generator will need to power. Add up the total wattage to find the minimum electrical output needed from your generator in kilowatts (kW). We measure generators in kilo-volt-amperes (kVA). To get a reliable conversion you’ll need to know your electrical system’s efficiency. Generators, according to international standards, have a 0.8 power factor – to convert kW to kVA you need to divide the kW amount by the power factor.

You’ll also need to consider generator capacity and load. Clearly, it can be quite difficult to measure what size generator you need, which is why we at Vital Power offer expert advice and site surveys to properly assess your unique power requirements and design the right product for your site.

It’s really important to get the right size generator for what you need to power – too small an engine and you won’t have a reliable supply, and too large a generator and you’ll find your costs mounting unnecessarily.

Can I use red diesel in my generator?

Yes, you can use red diesel to power your diesel generator. Red diesel is a popular fuel for backup generators as it is cost-effective and easy to obtain.

How long can a diesel generator run continuously?

Because of their large storage tanks and efficient diesel fuel, backup generators can have significant runtimes that can be crucial for businesses including hospitals, data centres and distribution facilities. Because they’re only intended to be used as a backup power source in an emergency, long-term continuous use isn’t recommended. However, most standby diesel generators can have a runtime of around 500 hours, which would in theory allow for about three weeks of continuous use. Always check the manufacturer’s notes, and if you are looking for a more long-term power option, get in touch with our team to discuss your options.

If you’d like expert advice or recommendations on the best backup power supply for you, our team are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us via our enquiry form, email or 24-hour support line.