Generator Fuel Tank Cleaning Services

To keep your backup power running smoothly, it’s important to ensure your diesel generator fuel tank is kept clean and clear of debris. The majority of fuel storage tanks are at high risk of fuel contamination due to rust, sludge, dirt and other contaminants.

Fuel Tank Cleaning Services from Vital Power

As with any piece of equipment at your business, it’s vital to ensure your generator is kept clean and free of any debris or contaminants that could interfere with performance. As part of our full-service generator offerings, Vital Power can provide a dedicated tank cleaning process for fuel systems.

Typically we will recommend a visit from our team at least twice a year. Our generator engineers will visit your site and perform a full assessment of your generator and associated equipment. In addition to a full tank cleaning – that can include rust treatment and the removal of contaminants – we can offer a range of complementary services as part of our Generator Service and Maintenance suite of power services.

Generator Fuel Tank Cleaning Services - Vital Power

What is the best way to clean a fuel tank?

At Vital Power, our team are experienced specialists in all things generator maintenance. We’ve worked with a variety of industries, businesses and generator types over the years, and the members of our team have developed a range of expertise in the best way to clean the fuel tank of any diesel generator.

The first step is to empty and drain all fuel from the generator. We use industry-approved caddies and fuel pump tools to ensure safe removal with no waste. Our team will then use our tools and treatments to thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your generator’s fuel tank. Some common substances that need removing include:

  • Rust
  • Dirt
  • Microbial growth
  • Sludge

Because we know how severely a dirty or slightly contaminated tank can impact generator performance, we always ensure the tank is completely clean before considering returning fuel. Particularly for a standby (backup generator), it’s vital that power can be accessed at a moment’s notice at any time, so maintaining the upkeep of the fuel tank is crucial.

Fuel tank cleaning and fuel polishing

As well as the tank itself, it’s important to assess and regularly check the cleanliness of the fuel inside. Members of our nationwide Vital Power team will visit your site to run diagnostic checks on your generator fuel. We’ll check for microbial growth, diesel bugs, water, dirt, rust and other fuel contaminants that can significantly impact generator performance and even cause total breakdown and failure.

Our fuel polishing and fuel quality testing services are often taken alongside fuel tank cleaning, to keep your diesel generator in top condition. When we remove fuel from the tank for cleaning, we will test the diesel to assess performance and diagnose any issues.

During polishing we filter the fuel for impurities and contaminants that could adversely affect generator performance and further impact the storage tank itself. From there, we will assess the quality of the fuel, and return any that has been cleansed back to your generator. Any fuel that’s too contaminated to be returned will be safely disposed of, and we’ll replace the fuel. Then, we’ll leave you with a clean and fully firing generator for your business.

For more information on our fuel tank cleaning services, get in touch with our UK team.
Generator Fuel Tank Cleaning - Vital Power

What are the benefits of generator fuel tank cleaning?

Fuel tank cleaning is part of any good generator maintenance plan. There are a variety of reasons to choose Vital Power fuel tank cleaning services, including:

Prevent loss of power

If your tank isn’t clean, your fuel won’t be either. Contaminated or dirty diesel fuel will suffer from impacted performance, so you won’t be getting the best out of your generator when you need it most.

Save money

Clean tanks and clean fuel mean better performance for your generator. If all elements of your critical power system are functioning at their best, that means you’ll receive the best efficiency for your budget. Tanks that aren’t regularly cleaned can cause wastage that can impact resources.

Prolong the life of your generator

If your fuel tank isn’t regularly cleaned and maintained, rust build up is likely. In addition, stagnant fuel and other elements such as sludge can cause clogs and blockages in key generator parts. By keeping the generator tank clean inside and out, you can help prevent breakdown and keep your service running for as long as possible.

To book a generator fuel tank cleaning for your business, simply contact our team. We offer a nationwide service.