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Power outages happen, and in the case of emergency it’s vital to have a reliable replacement power solution to keep you switched on. Vital Power is a leading specialist in providing top quality backup diesel generators for customers across the UK’s public sector and retail industries.

Standby, or backup, generators are crucial for maintaining service and guaranteeing no interruptions. Keep the lights on, machinery running, heating working and ensure your business is always protected. Make sure you have a contingency plan for energy outages in place with a standby generator, so in the event of a power outage you can carry on, business as usual.

Backup generators for business

Diesel generators have been steadily growing in popularity in recent years, owing in large part both to their proven safety and cost-effective power supply that can transform business output and productivity.

At Vital Power, we have worked with businesses in a wide range of industries and sectors to provide an adaptable and dependable power solution for when you need a backup. We offer a range of diesel generators, additional critical power options and power supply solutions. We have a team of knowledgeable experts on hand to answer any questions ahead of hire or purchase.

Backup Generator - Vital Power

Do I need a backup generator?

Having a backup diesel generator is becoming more and more popular for businesses in all sectors, and for certain companies and industries it is simply crucial. We supply backup generators to a number of key sectors, including:

Backup Generator for Medical Facilities - Vital Power

Medical facilities

Hospitals, nursing stations, residential homes and other healthcare facilities are vital to everyday life. Even the most routine of modern medical procedures rely on electrical and electronic devices – from dialysis machines to oxygen tanks and surgical tools – so it’s essential to ensure a reliable and uninterrupted power supply for equipment.

We specialise in hospital backup generators and contingency power supplies for medical settings. These diesel generators are cost-effective and compatible with a range of systems. We can provide a range of options for budget planning, because we’re passionate about ensuring businesses in the medical sector aren’t priced out of the market for vital, life-saving equipment.

Backup Generator for Schools Universities - Vital Power

Universities, schools and higher education services

The great British weather can often pose a few problems for heating and supplies, particularly as the winter months set in. Particularly at universities and higher education buildings, campuses can be home to critical research laboratories. These and similar facilities require a constant power supply to maintain data, research and experiments.

Other factors – such as student livelihood, wellness, campus activities and more also require a constant power supply. Providing heating, hot water, lighting and electricity for students and teaching staff is vital. In the event of a power outage through weather or technical fault, having a dependable diesel generator can save countless resources.

Our range of backup generators for schools and universities offers a range of solutions to provide a safety net for teachers, tutors and education administrators. Our generator offering includes a full range of supplementary services perfect for maintaining and ensuring the safety of your school generator, including refuelling and repairs.

Backup Generator for Restaurants Cafes - Vital Power

Restaurants, cafés and food service

Save food and drink perishables in the event of a power failure and guarantee your patrons, customers, staff and stakeholders are kept safe and happy. Safeguard your operation and protect your stock in the case of an emergency outage of your refrigeration or storage facilities.

In addition to our range of tried and tested range of diesel and electric generators, we can also create bespoke, custom built generators for more challenging or unusual projects.

Backup Generator for Factories Offices - Vital Power

Other industries that benefit from backup generators

Having a backup power supply is a good idea for any business. Over our years creating tailor-made power solutions these are some other industries we’ve supplied…

  • Telecommunications
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Residential
For more information on our backup generator sales and rental services, get in touch with our UK team.

Benefits of a backup generator

Low costs

Because standby diesel generators are relatively straightforward in design, they are often a much more cost-effective and affordable option for businesses, particularly when compared to prime generators and other alternatives. Diesel power generators come with low running costs and installation costs, meaning you can arm your business with a permanently installed contingency plan, without draining resources.

Easy maintenance

Diesel generators require regular service and maintenance, which is easy with Vital Power. Our in-house team of experts and engineers is on hand 24/7, 365 days of the year to respond to any emergencies with your standby power equipment. We also offer planned, regular maintenance and service visits to keep your generator in top condition. Maintenance, refuelling and repairs can all be carried out while your generator is running, meaning no disruption to service or your working day.

If you’d like expert advice or recommendations on the best backup power supply for you, our team are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us via our enquiry form, email or 24-hour support line.