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What is critical power?

Having a source of critical power is absolutely vital for any business. It’s the difference between staying in business during an outage and suffering potentially catastrophic losses and failures.

But what is critical power, what does a critical power supply do, and how does Vital Power help?

What is critical power?

Critical power is an electricity supply that comes into play during power loss. Critical power supply is crucial to maintain continuous power and uninterrupted operation of business systems, electronic equipment and processes. Critical power is important to businesses in a variety of industries, including data centres, hospitals, schools, universities, offices and more.

Critical power makes sure that systems remain operational and online even in the event of a power cut, fluctuation, brown out or other problem with the mains supply. Any downtime or disruption to these systems might result in the loss of data, damage to equipment, or even threats to safety.

Diesel generators are important in critical power systems to provide backup or standby power. Generators are designed to automatically kick in when the primary electrical supply fails – meaning that critical equipment and infrastructure stay operational and in use.

Backup generators may have features like automatic transfer switches (ATS), which help to seamlessly move power source from the main grid to the generator and back again.

Why do you need a critical power plan?

Put simply, you need a critical power supply plan to protect your business.You need to make sure your business stays online even during a power outage or mains cut. Your machinery, computers, lighting, heating and other vital services turning off due to lack of power could be costly, dangerous and have lasting knock-on effects.

The only way to guarantee that you’re covered in the event of an outage is to implement a reliable diesel generator and/or Uninterruptible Power Supply system.   

Obviously, industries including healthcare, education and manufacturing have critical requirements for constant power supply. But all kinds of businesses can benefit from a backup power system, to keep lights and data working in an emergency.

What critical power services does Vital Power provide?

At Vital Power we are specialists in critical power for business across multiple sectors. We offer complete service for the life of your supply.

We’ll start with site surveys and design – whether you opt for a custom-built generator or an off-the-shelf power solution. We offer both generator sales and generator hire, so there’s something to suit all your requirements.

We’ll help you devise a power outage contingency plan for your business, including testing power requirements and necessities through load bank testing and other assessments. In the longer term, we’ll be on hand for generator service and maintenance throughout the year – from fuel management services to tank cleaning and repairs. We’ll also help with refuelling and fuel polishing to make sure your critical power system is functioning as it should be.

We provide 24-hour service across the country, with a true 365-day offering – whenever and wherever you need us, our team of Critical Power Engineers will be there.

Contact Vital Power today to get a quote on starting your critical power plan.

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