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Diesel Generator Installation at IONOS Data Centre

IONOS is the hosting and cloud partner of choice for small and medium sized businesses. They are experts in laaS and offer a portfolio of solutions to get businesses present online and working in the digital space.

As part of their expansion into the UK market, IONOS have built their first UK data centre, designed and built to tier IV standards with the Uptime Institute, located at the brand-new Worcestershire Six Business Park.

To ensure that the new build data centre met tier IV standards, IONOS required huge levels of redundancy on site. This means that the data centre is built to be completely fault tolerant and has redundancy for every component. Tier IV data centres also have an expected uptime of 99.995%, meaning that on average, there is only 26.3 minutes of downtime annually – a top of the range set up, built for companies looking to provide ultimate reliability for their customers.

Vital Power were invited to tender for the project, and were subsequently proudly appointed as critical power suppliers. 

The data centre consists of four server rooms, and one mains office. Each server room consists of four strings, each requiring their own generator, UPS, Tx and cooling system. Currently only two of the server rooms required a critical power supply.



The new IONOS data centre currently contains four server rooms and one office. Vital Power were selected to supply, install and commission 9 x industrial diesel generators on server room 1, room, 2, and the office. Server rooms 3 & 4 are not yet supported, however, there are plans for this work to be carried out in the future.

Each server room has four strings, in which each string is supported individually by it’s own generator, UPS, Tx and Cooling system. This set up is designed to meet tier IV standards with the Uptime Institute, ensuring there are huge levels of redundancy on site, meaning that there is an expected uptime of 99.995%.












Each generator also feeds from its own 7000L external bulk tank, ensuring there is a constant fuel supply if the generators run for an extended period of time.









Control panels are the beating heart of any generator which is why we made sure that IONOS, built to tier IV standard with the Uptime Institute, had the best of the best!

DSE 8620

The DSE 8620 is the control panel of choice for the eight larger machines. It is configured to run a generator in synchronisation with the mains with automatic changeover between mains and generator power.





DSE 7320

The DSE 7320 is fitted within the smaller diesel generator which supports the main office. It is a feature packed Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control module, designed for ultimate reliability and control over your critical power systems.





IONOS also have a bespoke Building Management System (bms0 built into their data centre for full visibility and control over all elements of site.

As part of our control panel design for IONOS, our team also fitted an expansion module onto each panel which feeds into the site’s BMS to ensure they also have full control over the generators, alongside other elements of the site.




Designed to meet tier IV standards, it was integral that the critical power set up was tailored to meet certain requirements and provide extra reliability on site. Vital Power provided a range of bespoke solutions to allow for extra control, protection and security within IONOS’ equipment.



IONOS are conscious about the environment and wanted an emissions friendly engine. We chose the robust Scania Stage III A engine with a block load acceptance which north of 60% to G2.

As it is only used  for emergency critical power, this also helps IONOS achieve the environmentally friendly solution they were looking for.




As a UK standard, the generators are also complete with a bunded belly tank, water jacket heater and battery charger.





The generators are complete with an auto fill pump so site have the flexibility to change their fuelling methodology in the future by filling straight into the belly tank.

The generators are gravity fed, each from their own 7000L bulk fuel tank.

IONOS have also chosen HVO fuel as their fuel source of choice – a sustainable and environmentally friendly option.

The tanks are also complete with monitoring systems, including leak detection systems in the tank cabinet as well as the generator itself.





To provide extra security on site, IONOS opted for additional safety features.

This includes weighted fire valves on the fuel inlet lines to ensure the fuel supply is cut off at that point should a fire break out.

There are also fire sensitive cables inside the canopies which inform IONOS through their BMS system if a fire has started.



Our team designed and installed bespoke 3 metre vertical exhaust stacks off the exhaust system on each generator. They are strategically positioned so that the fumes are directed away from the machines and building.






Vital Power also provided IONOS with end-mounted connection cubicles on each generator to make turning in the SWA cables a lot easier for the engineers.






Each machine is individually linked to its own part of the server room, so all of the machines are in parallel with the mains supply to site. This means that we can do full on load testing and returning to mains without any break in supply.







After the installation was complete, our team of specialist engineers put the generators through their paces with thorough commissioning and testing processes.

The testing and commissioning processes included rigorous load bank and key building load tests.

Both tests ensure the reliability of the generators – confirming that they are able to support the required load without any issues. The tests also prove that all elements of the generators are working as they should. Any issues can be identified quickly and rectified before signing off to site.

We’re pleased that all tests were completed with no issues and all generators in perfect condition, ready to support this critical data centre when called upon.

Load bank and building load tests are an important part of any generator installation, and should even be incorporated within a site’s service and maintenance plan.

With an extensive fleet of load banks, sized to suit all requirements, no project is out of reach. 





Aftercare is just as important as the initial set up and configuration. Find out how we’re supporting IONOS’ critical power infrastructure below.

We’re pleased to announce that IONOS is now on a bespoke 5-year service and maintenance plan for their generator and fuel tanks!

Our team of experts have carefully formulated a tailored plan to ensure IONOS’ critical power systems remain in top condition and able to support site when required.

Included within the service and maintenance contract is access to our 24/7/365 emergency helpline. Should there be any issues with their equipment, or site have any questions, they can call us day or night.

In the event of an emergency, our team will dispatch an engineer who will arrive on site within 4-hours and resolve any issues, rapidly and efficiently.


Our service and maintenance plans typically include one major and one minor service per annum. Each service includes over 100 individual checks to ensure every part of your critical power infrastructure is working as it should.

Our major services includes additional services such as the changing of the fuel filters, oil and oil filters to provide your equipment with long-term reliability.


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