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AMF Panel Manufacturer Insights

AMF panels for diesel generators

Vital Power specialises in all things power generation, including diesel generators, uninterruptible power supply systems and AMF panels. The use of power generators has become increasingly popular in recent years, not just because they can guarantee a continuous source of power in the unlikely event of a mains outage or interruption, but they can also be used as a temporary power solution for additional requirements.

What really makes these systems stand out is the fact that they are almost all autonomous, meaning the whole process is very sleek, agile and easy to use for the business using the generator. For this generator automation to be possible, several systems can be used. One key component of a reliable backup power system is an AMF panel, also known as an Automatic Mains Failure panel.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what AMF panels are, how they work, and why they are essential for businesses.

What is an AMF panel?

AMF Panels

AMF stands for Automatic Mains Failure, and AMF panels are one of the most well-known and widely used generator parts. The popularity of AMF panels is thanks to the generator panels’ ability to switch the mains power over to the generator in the event of a power outage automatically.

An AMF panel is an electronic device that detects power failures and automatically switches the power supply from the mains to a backup generator. In the event of a power outage, the AMF panel will signal the standby generator to start up, allowing it to take over as the primary power source. Once the mains power is restored, the AMF panel will switch the power supply back to the mains and shut down the generator.

There are two main types of control system panels for generators – AMF and ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) panels. Read our blog for more on what is the difference between ATS and AMF panels.

What is Inside an AMF Panel?

AMF Panel Manufacturer

AMF panels, are integral components in power management systems, ensuring a smooth transition between main power and backup generators. These panels are equipped with advanced features designed to monitor and control generator operation with precision and reliability.

One of the key functions of AMF panels is the incorporation of a generator controller. This controller serves as the brain of the system, overseeing various aspects of generator performance. Among its primary functions is the ability to initiate the start-up and shutdown processes of the generator automatically in response to mains power failure or restoration.

Additionally, AMF panels are equipped with a range of sensors and alarms to monitor critical parameters of the generator. These include measurements such as engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature, and fuel level. By continuously monitoring these variables, the AMF panel can detect any abnormalities or deviations from normal operating conditions, allowing for timely intervention to prevent potential issues or failures.

The inclusion of these advanced monitoring and control features not only enhances the reliability and efficiency of the generator but also contributes to overall system safety. AMF panels provide operators with real-time insights into generator performance, enabling proactive maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure uninterrupted power supply, particularly in critical applications such as data centres, hospitals, and industrial facilities.

How do AMF panels work?

AMF Panel Manufacturer

Each AMF generator panel is different depending on the generator that is in use, though the same process is often carried out across the range. In short, AMF panels work by monitoring the mains power supply and detecting any interruptions or failures.

The first role of any AMF panel for a diesel generator is to detect any complete mains failure or losses of power. At this point, the panel will send a signal to the standby generators to prepare. Next, the generator will begin to build up the acceptable power requirements, at which stage the AMF panel will automatically switch the power load onto the generator – restoring full power with ease.

Once the mains power has fully recovered, the same process will take place but in reverse. The AMF panel on the diesel generator will begin building load back onto the mains supply, eventually allowing the generator to switch back off. During this process, the standard cool-down operation of the power generator will also take place, where it will continue to run until it has fully cooled down safely.

Why are AMF panels essential for businesses?

Automatic switch to emergency standby generators

As mentioned, the primary function for an AMF panel and why having one is so important is that they automatically switch the power source to standby generators.

Because this process is automatic, it doesn’t require any manual input. This can potentially help to prevent a loss of data, possible damage to electrical equipment, as well as the disruption that may be caused. With an AMF panel for diesel generators you can keep your business online even if the power fails.

Prevent data loss

As mentioned above, backup generators that are equipped with an AMF panel are also likely to prevent the loss of data. This is because the panel should reduce the chance of a complete power cut to a minimum, meaning that your devices and electronics can stay online. This will prevent the loss of data as much as possible, which is vital for specific business sectors. At Vital Power, we supply generators for hospitals, generators for universities and more.

Reliable power supply

One of the main benefits of having an AMF panel installed is that it ensures a reliable power supply in the event of a power outage. Thanks to generator signal detectors, a correctly installed generator with AMF panels should already begin to start up before the full power cut occurs. That means that often, your backup power system has kicked in before you even realise it needs to.

With an AMF panel, your backup generator will automatically start up and take over as the primary power source, providing uninterrupted power to your business. This is particularly important for businesses that rely on a continuous power supply, such as hospitals, data centres, and manufacturing facilities.

Minimal downtime

With an AMF panel in place, the switch from the mains power to the backup generator is automatic and seamless, which means there is minimal downtime during a power outage. This can prevent data loss, damage to equipment, and other disruptions that can be costly for businesses.

Cost-effective solution

Investing in an AMF panel is a cost-effective solution for businesses that need a reliable backup power system. AMF panels are relatively inexpensive and require minimal maintenance, making them a cost- effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Why choose Vital Power as your AMF panel manufacturer?

At Vital Power, we are proud to be a leading AMF panel manufacturer in the UK, offering a range of products and services to ensure your business has a reliable backup power system.

We stock AMF panels from leading manufacturers and provide 24/7 support and maintenance to ensure your system is always up and running. Our team of experts can provide advice on the best solution for your business and ensure that your AMF panel is installed and maintained to the highest standards.

At Vital Power we stock the leading AMF panel manufacturers and leading names in standby power supplies. Contact us for a quote and advice on our services.

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