Diesel Generator Refuelling Services

Generators act as a backup energy source for your main systems in the event of a power outage, but it can be easy to forget that your generators themselves need fuel. Keep your generators in tiptop condition with our hassle-free refuelling service. We can refill your diesel fuel will the generator is still running, guaranteeing no loss of service or disruption. We offer nationwide diesel generator refuelling service from our engineering service centres across the UK, so we can help your backup power systems no matter where you’re based.

Generator refuelling services from Vital Power

We can offer a full service and maintenance programme for all our diesel generators, so you’re always in good hands. While most of the time an empty generator tank does indicate that you’ll need a top up of diesel fuel, it can sometimes also be a sign of an error or faulty part. At Vital Power we specialise in all things power generation, and our turnkey services include end-to-end maintenance and caretaking.

We can offer a 4-hour response time to virtually any location in the UK, so service contract customers can rest assured you’ll never be without power. We provide fuel quality testing, cleaning, servicing, maintenance, refuelling and repair services, and our specialist engineers can help create a generator refuelling strategy plan so you’re in complete control.

We have our own dedicated fleet of fuel delivery vehicles, which allow us to offer a range of refuelling levels and services, such as:

  • Top up and small volume deliveries for scheduled and pre-planned service visits
  • Medium capacity fuel loads, delivered using towable bowsers
  • Large and industrial-size volume loads for external bulk tanks, carried using our fuel tankers
Diesel Generator Refuelling Services - Vital Power
Diesel Generator Refuelling Services Industries - Vital Power

Industries and companies we work with

We work across the UK with a variety of businesses requiring generators, including:

  • Healthcare and medical facilities
  • Data centres
  • Distribution centres
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
To book generator refuelling or to discuss maintenance of your diesel generator, get in touch with our UK team.

Generator refuelling related services

As well as a comprehensive and flexible refuelling service, Vital Power provides a number of other reliable fuel and generator packages for your business, such as…

Fuel quality testing

It’s so important to make sure the fuel inside your generator is of a good enough quality to guarantee reliable power. Our quality testing team can assess the quality and makeup of the fuel onsite at your business and make a qualified assessment and recommendations. For example, the discovery of contaminants such as water or bacteria inside your fuel tank can drastically affect the lifecycle and reliability of your generator. In this instance, our team can recommend cleaning, polishing and repair services as required.

Fuel polishing

In the event that quality testing shows any issues with your fuel supply, we offer expert fuel polishing to improve the results and hopefully extend the life of your generator. Combining fuel polishing and tank cleaning, this service helps to tune up the condition of any diesel fuel in your tank. It should be noted that the longer fuel sits in the generator contaminated, the less likely it is that it can be saved, even through intense polishing. Our team will assess your fuel and advise accordingly.

Generator service and maintenance

Vital Power offers nationwide maintenance care and repairs, taking all the hassle out of managing your generator. Our team will work with you to create a service plan that suits your needs and business – for example, a biannual servicing schedule with two visits per year. Some customers also choose to schedule quarterly, monthly or weekly services depending on generator usage. We typically recommend that generator lubricants and filters are replaced at least once per year.

To book generator refuelling or to discuss maintenance of your diesel generator, get in touch with our UK team.