Diesel Generator Repairs

Whether you regularly turn to your diesel generator for power, or are keeping a backup generator on site in case of power failure, it’s so important to ensure your equipment is in good working order. Whether it’s a power failure or mains outage, a faulty part or simply a routine visit as part of a diesel generator maintenance contract, the Vital Power team can help ensure your power supply is ready whenever you need it.

Generator repairs with Vital Power

At Vital Power we offer nationwide generator repairs and cost-effective maintenance contracts for businesses in a variety of industries. Generators require fairly regular servicing and maintenance check ups to ensure everything is working in top condition and ready to kick in when you need it to.

We recommend arranging a repair and maintenance check with one of our UK-based generator engineer specialists at least every six months. We can set up a regular maintenance contract with scheduled visits from your local generator repair engineers twice a year, or can draw up a bespoke plan that works for you and your business. A load bank test is also included within our major service, to ensure that your equipment is able to support the full load of your site when required.

The members of our fully trained team have years of experience working with businesses across multiple industries, so we understand how critical it is to get repairs done quickly and efficiently. We’ll work around your working day to minimise disruption, and can provide working repairs with short turnarounds.

Diesel Generator Repair Services - Vital Power

Why are generator repairs necessary?

As with any piece of electrical or industrial equipment, diesel generators do suffer from wear and tear. Therefore, generators require regular check ups to make sure all parts are working correctly and there are no outstanding repairs or issues. Because generators work with a diesel tank, there are also potential issues with things like corrosion, rust, burnout and fuel contamination.

Some of the reasons a generator can fail include:

  • Overuse
  • Low fuel levels
  • Contaminated fuel
  • Controller failure
  • Sensor malfunction
  • External fluid hose failure
  • Voltage regulator failure
  • Blocked fuel filter

Because backup and emergency generators aren’t on all the time, it can be easy to miss issues like these until it’s catastrophically late. If you’re on a service contract with us, you also get access to our 24/7, 365 day emergency support line which you can use at any time to report issues with your equipment. Our team work quickly to ensure your equipment is back online and able to support your site in your time of need.

For more information on our diesel generator repair services, get in touch with our UK team.
Diesel Generator Repairs - Vital Power

Diesel generator repairs near me

We are industry leading critical power service providers, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year across the whole of the UK. Our headquarters are located in Coventry, with our operations hub in Chester. Our expert in-house engineering team are strategically located across the UK, meaning we can get to your site quickly in the event of an emergency.

We can offer a nationwide generator repair service, local to any of our service stations and even further afield. We currently have hubs in:

  • Chester
  • Coventry
  • Durham
  • Hitchin
  • Inverness
  • Kendall
  • Port Talbot
  • Reading
  • Shotts
  • Wakefield
  • Warrington
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Frequently Asked Questions

When should a diesel generator be serviced?

Typically a general rule of thumb to follow is that diesel generators should be serviced roughly every 6 months. Of course, if it’s been used a lot or has had frequent repairs, you might want to schedule some extra service sessions to make sure it’s in top working condition.

Are diesel generators reliable?

Yes, diesel generators are widely considered more reliable than the petrol alternative. This is because of the relative low cost of fuel, quick power supply times, longer fuel shelf life, less noise pollution and higher efficiency thanks to high levels of compression.

How long does it take to repair a diesel generator?

There are lots of possible repair jobs for generators – some can take just minutes while others may take significantly longer. From replacing parts like external fuel pipes and control panels to fuel polishing and full scale fuel tank cleaning, Vital Power offers a comprehensive range of services. Our nationwide repair team can provide an estimated timeframe for repair, and we operate from nine engineering service centres to offer quick callout and repair times.

Need to book a generator repair? Get in touch with our team for a quote and more information about Vital Power services.