UPS Battery Services and Replacements

Did you know Vital Power also do UPS systems? Our extensive service offering means your site will always have full power stability. Our expert engineering resource is nationwide with a 24/7 emergency helpline, so, day or night, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out more about our battery services and replacements!

Battery Services and Replacements


Batteries systems are a crucial part of any UPS configuration along with a well-designed installation which will help prevent any form of weakness in your power protection system and will result in less business downtime.

Vital Power can advise on all aspects of battery system design taking into consideration site specifics such as load, autonomy, space restrictions, and environment.

Although most UPS systems can automatically test their batteries, regular maintenance should also be undertaken to ensure the integrity of the installation.

Vital Powers standard PMV’s would include the following services:

  • Battery cell voltage
  • Battery string voltage
  • Battery float voltage
  • Visual inspection of terminals and connections for corrosion
  • Visual inspection of block casing for evidence of external structure failure
  • Ambient room temperature
  • General installation condition


Impedance Testing


Vital Power understands that full battery replacements can be very costly, and that impedance testing is a cost-effective way to determine whether a cheaper approach can be utilized. We will provide a reliable, low-cost solution to check the status of your batteries before proposing any costly decisions to replace all batteries are made. Often, a small percentage of batteries will be deemed faulty, and these can be replaced without any downtime or risk to your critical load.

Battery impedance testing can also give an accurate prediction as to when the battery is at end of life, so that a proactive approach can be implemented for future budgets.



Battery Replacements


In the event that your battery systems do require a full replacement, Vital Power’s UPS experts will complete a FOC site survey to establish site restrictions and formulate a plan to complete the replacement will as little interruption as possible whilst remaining cost effective.

We are proud to be the supplier of most battery manufactures and have obtained a premium rate with our ongoing relationships, we also have full access to off the shelve stock when urgent replacements are needed to reduce lead time.



Other services include:


  • Battery monitoring
  • Load bank testing
  • Thermal imaging
  • Associated battery switchgear
  • Disposal (Hazardous waste approved)


Please get in touch with our expert team here to discuss further and one of our experts will guide you through your replacement and design queries.