Is your generator compliant with the new Loss of Mains protection regulations?

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From the 1st September, all owners of non-domestic power generating sites that are connected to the grid across the UK must ensure that their installations are compliant with the new Loss of Mains protection regulations.

The regulation changes are being put in place to create a more reliable electricity network. If your site does not comply, you may be subject to enforcement action from the distribution network operator (DNO) and forced to remove your power generating equipment from the network.




ALoMCP, or Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme, was initially introduced to provide funding for owners of generators to become compliant with the mandatory regulation changes coming into place this September.

Even though funding is no longer available, there is still time to ensure that your site is compliant.


Regulation Changes


The changes have been introduced by the National Grid and DNO’s, as well as other organisations, to provide your equipment with more reliability, and in turn, ensure consistent power generation. This means less downtime for your business, therefore protecting your revenue and operations.

The new regulations will also boost the reliability of the network, delivering a more robust power supply which will in turn help support the UK’s net zero target and ultimately save both consumers and billpayers money.


What do I need to do to comply?


All generating sites must now be compliant with either G59-3.7 or G99 regulations, depending on when your generator was installed.

If your equipment was installed before February 2018, then your site must meet the minimum compulsory G59-3.7 standard. If your generator was installed after this date, then your site will be required to upgrade to G99 protection relays.

Our engineers will be able to tell you if your equipment needs upgrading. If you’re unsure, please act now. With one month to go, our team can ensure you’re compliant by the September 1st deadline.

If your site has a generator you think might be impacted by these regulation changes, please visit to find out more.

If you know that your generator is compliant, you must declare this before the deadline. There is a portal to do this:


How can Vital Power help?


We’re here to support you through these important regulation changes. We supply & install a range of mains protection relays to ensure compliance with the relevant standard.

If you are unsure if you need to upgrade your equipment, please call us today. Avoid enforcement action from the DNO by acting now.


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