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How To Extend The Life Of Your Generator

Choosing to purchase a diesel standby generator is a big decision – a backup critical power system is a significant investment.

So, it’s important to know how to properly maintain your system, and how to extend the life of a generator to provide you with reliable power for the longest time.

Here’s our guide to some of the things you can do to prolong the lifespan of a generator, and some easy maintenance tasks to add to your routine to protect your critical power system.

Change the Filter

Regularly changing the filter is a cost-effective generator maintenance tip that can make a world of difference to durability.

In order to operate effectively, your generator combustion engine’s carburettor needs to have access to vast levels of oxygen. Blockages in the air filter, caused by debris, can not only diminish the power generator’s capabilities, but also lead to faults and problems that will knock years off the lifespan.
So, make sure to regularly schedule inspections of the air filter to make sure it’s clear of any dust, debris or dirt. This can be part of a regular maintenance routine set up with your Vital Power engineers.

Use Good Quality Generator Fuel

The fuel is obviously a crucial component in your overall critical power system, and choosing the right one is essential. Some business owners are tempted to go for a cheaper, lower quality diesel fuel to save on overall operating costs. Others will invest in a higher quality fuel with fewer impurities to guarantee a better level of service.

Thanks to our expansive network of UK depots, we here at Vital Power can conduct fuel sampling services at your place of work. This will allow us to determine, for your benefit, the quality of all fuel that you have on-site.

Schedule Regular Generator Load Bank Testing

​​Regular generator load bank testing is a crucial aspect of ensuring both overall performance and long-term reliability of your generator system. This proactive testing process involves applying a load, either resistive or reactive, to the generator to simulate real-world operating conditions.

Generator load bank testing can help uncover hidden issues such as wet stacking, carbon buildup, or inefficient fuel combustion that might not surface during normal operation. This then allows you to address issues before they escalate, extending the generator’s lifespan, enhancing its efficiency, and ensuring it remains a dependable power source when needed most.

Proper Generator Load Management

Effective load management is vital for extending the life of your generator. This means making sure you’re using it to power the right amount of devices and not overworking or underworking its capabilities.

Running the generator at optimal loads is crucial, and ensures the longevity and reliability of the generator system, preventing strain on its components and supporting overall operational efficiency. Make sure you’ve got the right size generator and regularly check and assess the required load.

Check the Cooling System

Proper care of the generator’s cooling system is an incredibly important step in guaranteeing its longevity and efficient operation. Regularly monitoring coolant levels is crucial to prevent overheating, ensuring the generator functions at its best.

This involves checking and topping up coolant as needed. Additionally, maintaining the radiator and heat exchanger is essential for efficient heat distribution. Clearing debris and dust from these components ensures the cooling system operates at peak performance, preventing potential issues associated with overheating and contributing to the overall reliability of the generator.

Consider the Generator Environment

Careful consideration of the environment and proper placement of your generator can both significantly impact its performance and longevity. The way Vital Power’s diesel generator installations work is to select the perfect location for your critical power set. This involves understanding ventilation requirements and providing protection from the elements, as well as considering its location relative to other buildings and people. Additionally, climate considerations, such as implementing cold weather precautions and hot weather cooling measures, play a pivotal role in extending the lifespan of your generator equipment.

Consult Experienced Critical Power Experts

Being able to call on a team of generator experts and critical power engineers when you need them is just as important as having the backup equipment in the first place. With Vital Power, you can call on us 24/7 for assistance with repairs, maintenance or other generator services.

Having been operating for over thirty years, you can be sure that our team here at Vital Power is well-placed to advise on all matters related to diesel generator maintenance. We want to bring reliable critical power solutions to businesses across the country – with a focus on smooth customer experiences, you can be sure that your needs will be of paramount importance.

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