Common Issues With Diesel Generators You Need To Know About


Many firms across the country have taken the smart step of investing in a standby generator; these are an excellent way in which to prevent operations from coming to a standstill should your local area be subjected to a blackout. These power solutions have seen a rise in purchase in recent years, and it is not difficult to see why. However, despite the advances that have taken place within this industry, the units themselves are not totally infallible. Below, you can read through a list of some of the most common problems that occur, courtesy of the Vital Power specialists.



Dead Battery


If you were to look at most of the corporations that have purchased industrial-grade generators, the reason for it is for it to be a reliable source of backup power. Unfortunately, this can mean that it stands idle for prolonged periods of time – subsequently, the battery is likely to go dead, unless it is placed on a trickle charger. This is a problem that can be circumvented with ease, provided that you know to look out for it. Preventative maintenance is relatively cheap to conduct, but can provide positive ramifications in the long-run.


Lack Of Fuel


For those of you that have not utilised a diesel-engine generator in the past, it is important that you understand the level of stress and strain that they are put under. Unfortunately, this can lead to mechanical gauges becoming lodged in place. Case-and-point, the fuel indicator display. If an issue arises with this, you could find that you routinely lack a sufficient level of fuel to run your power generation system. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that it is advocated that you conduct manual checks on a semi-regular basis. This can provide you with peace-of-mind that this problem does not befall you.



Clogged Filtration System


One of the most important elements of the internal combustion engine which features within standby power generators is the filtration system. This is a series of pipes which is designed to allow sufficient air to reach the engine. Depending on the area that you have installed your unit, it is possible that debris and dirt can infiltrate these pipes. In some instances, this has led to the mechanisms being shattered by rocks moving at extremely fast speeds – hence, you cannot disregard regularly cleaning out this system.


Coolant Leak


As mentioned above, the commercial power systems that are being operated frequently are typically forced to take on heavy work loads. In turn, this can generate a substantial amount of heat, which is why the integrated cooling system is of paramount importance. Should you incur a malfunction with this, it is imperative that you do not try to run the engine, as this could be a severe health hazard. Leaks can be treated fairly easy by those who are trained and qualified in the art of generator maintenance, and the repairs are inexpensive compared to if you treat them too late.


What Can We Offer You?


If you are requiring urgent diesel generator maintenance, and wish to solicit the services of a firm that has extensive experience in servicing and maintenance of these complex machines, the only company that you need to reach out to is that of Vital Power. We are committed to ensuring that any power failures that you experience are dealt with in a swift and efficient manner. Whether you want to take out a maintenance contract with us on a long-term basis, or simply need us to conduct a load bank test, the results that we will provide you are guaranteed to be first-class in quality. We ask that any and all questions you may have are directed to us using the methods outlined on our website’s contact page