Ultimate Guide – What you need to know about Battery Impedance Testing

Looking to get your UPS System tested but not sure where to start? Read on to find out more about testing your batteries! 

Impedance testing for your UPS batteries is a cost-effective way of preventing battery failure by capturing early signs of weakness and deterioration in the individual cells.

This is achieved by applying an AC current to each battery through probes attached to the battery block terminals, thus measuring the internal impedance and the result being measured in milliohms. This report will provide you with the general condition on how the batteries are performing, without any down time to you UPS systems.

Battery issues will naturally evolve over time and as they get older, their internal impedance increases until it reaches a manufacturer-defined threshold where replacement is recommended to reduce the likelihood of complete failure.



All impedance tests are carried out by our highly trained DC engineers, guaranteeing the best service to the highest standards. You will be provided with a health check report, which will include current condition, any faults and the expected lifespan of your battery system.

This regular test will make it more clear for you to schedule and anticipate battery replacements, avoiding unexpected costs.

  • An accurate lifespan of your battery.
  • Health Check Reports
  • Helping you budget for the future